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Yvonne Oval croppedby Yvonne DiVita,
your BIG IDEA facilitator from Nurturing Big Ideas

This last weekend, well, Thurs through Saturday, I attended a delightful workshop which promised to help me increase clients at my new coaching business. I don't often use the word 'coach' because I prefer mentorship or nurturing, but in the end, that's primarily what it is, a coaching business. 

We Learn Through Guidance

For those who aren't aware, I work with women who are starting new businesses - or need to jumpstart their existing business, and I coach women who are ready and willing to write a book.

The book part is my true passion. I believe more professional women, especially in small business success, should write books. I know for a fact that the up and coming new female business owners and entrepreneurs are dying - yes, dying! - for information on how to do this 'start a business' thing, and they want it from other women. 

You often see me do book reviews on this blog, and on the Nurturing Big Ideas blog where I began doing video book reviews awhile back. I do it because I love to read and I absolutely believe reading is fundamental to everything in our lives.

Mentorships book by book

Be a Reader

Think about it - reading helps you bring forth your own creativity. Fiction, especially, can spark that creative burst. 

Reading helps you relax. If you don't believe me, read my husband's book, Read 'Em & Reap where he showcases the benefits of reading.

In fact, in that book, he talks about how reading improves both mental and physical health.

In my world, reading is what new business owners do to learn how to move forward. They want advice on overcoming obstacles and finding their way. As Janet Borchert, from my Smart Woman Conversations Janet Borchert, tells us, "Without your why, you can't do a good job."

My why is giving women who want to be successful entrepreneurs the information and guidance they need to build strong, successful ventures. Within that 'why' is the fact that I KNOW these women eagerly read books to gain the right inspiration and guidance.

Might that be a book written by you?

So many women I meet tell me they want to write a book. They have a big idea, or they have several, but they're afraid to start.

The reasons they don't move forward vary from:

  • Being afraid they won't finish.
  • Being afraid to even start. 
  • Fear of failure - no one will like their book.
  • Too busy (I can prove that this is just an excuse)
  • Worried about the process
  • Worried about the cost
  • Worried about what will or won't happen after the book is done
  • Worried about the publishing
  • Just worried in general because they know writing a book is a job. A big job.

I get it. I get all of that. 

When I wrote my book, Dickless Marketing - Smart Marketing to Women Online, I was not prepared for the next steps. Honestly, I thought long and hard and did prepare to market the book. I wrote a press release, I started this blog, I was interviewed all over because newscasters were astonished by the title, and not a bit amused, I will admit.

The book got me speaking engagements. For a short time, I was a bit of a celebrity. 

And then, life happened. I got busy. I left the publishing company that did my book and started my own publishing company. 

If I had stuck with the book, if I'd been prepared, if I'd had a PLAN, I would have created more success for myself. As it was, I did rather well. But, I'm telling you right now that I left money on the table. There was so much MORE I could have done!

Time to write your book

I Know It All Now

You understand what I mean. I don't know it all...not about books, or coaching, or publishing, or anything. But, wow, do I know it all about making a plan, turning your book into a business success. Because over the years I've educated myself on all of the things I didn't know back then.

I don't waste time crying over what I didn't do. I'm in the business of working with women who have a story to tell. I want to work with women who will inspire other women - to overcome obstacles, break through challenges, build a career, a life, a business they love and enjoy, and have a tool to help them do so. A tool that surpasses all other tools in their business toolbox.

A book creates business just by being what it is - a little bit of you, offered to prospects and clients, as a gift to help them achieve success.

When you write a book, you become:

  • A thought leader
  • A business topic expert
  • A public speaker
  • An authority on the topic
  • A celebrity
  • A voice of change

In essence, people take you more seriously when you have a book to show them.

A book allows you to teach in workshops and webinars, of your choice. 

A book gives you an opportunity to share ideas, create workbooks, inspire more success.

A book becomes its own mentorship program, if it's done correctly. 

Write Your Book Now

Don't hesitate. Don't procrastinate. Don't say maybe next year.

The time for writing that book, becoming an inspiration to others who need to hear your story and learn from your experiences, is now.

It's my mission to make this  happen. To fill up bookshelves with books by women, for women, full of the magic of being a woman in business (or just in the world) today.

We fail our sex if we don't do this. 

Ready? Contact me yvonne (at) yvonnedivita (dot) com

Visit Nurturing Big Ideas and learn more. Sign up for Smart News to get on the mailing list for my workshops, webinars, and the announcement of my new book - coming VERY SOON!!! (there, I put it in writing... that means I HAVE to do it! Got it? It's not a choice now, it's a decision to move forward!)


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