Have you worn everything you bought on your last big shopping trip? Recently one of my clients told me how she was so excited that she had actually worn everything she bought on our first clothes shopping trip together. What really struck me, was that I never thought that it... Read more →

Professional Image Tips for Women Speakers and Entrepreneurs

Do You Have Presence? Are you projecting a professional image when you speak or meet prospective clients? There is more to having the right professional image for personal and business success than just wearing a great fitting pair of pants. Although you should never underestimate the importance of donning the... Read more →

Pick about 10 items from your closet and ask yourself the following questions: * How do you feel when you wear it? Attractive or insecure? * Does it accentuate or diminish a part of your body you wish was smaller? * Is it in poor condition? Stains, holes, or missing... Read more →

Shopping Tips from A Personal Shopper

Personal shopper tip: Size doesn’t matter, but fit does. Do you only try on one size, and if it doesn’t fit you give up on that piece of clothing? Instead of passing on that item, why not try it on in another size, even if that means going a size... Read more →

Does your professional wardrobe help or hurt your career?

Does your professional wardrobe reflect your business, image and personality in a positive manner? When you meet a prospective client, employer, conduct a seminar, lead a meeting or give a presentation, are you confident about your professional wardrobe’s appearance? Feeling good about what you are wearing, and not self-conscious? I... Read more →