Article by Chloe Spencer First off, let me explain what Ugg Boots are to those who may not know. Ugg Boots are suede boots with a rubber sole, shearling lining and sometimes a shearling cuff. They are pretty much as un-shapely as possible for a boot, and the average length... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita These are the 'ideas' that keep me going... share and share alike, if they also resonate with you. "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have." ~ Unknown. This is on a small plaque on the bookcase near my desk. "We are remembered not... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer Undies, underwear, underpants, panties, knickers, briefs: whatever you call 'em, we know we're all talking about same thing. Have you ever thought about who the heck even came up with the idea for undies? Where they originated from, and why? Well, it's exactly a normal thought.... Read more →

Guest post by Chloe Spencer Working out is no longer just for personal health and fitness. It's become a trend. Something that is considered "cool" or "in". Especially in big cities like LA and New York, where fashion is a much bigger deal than in small country towns. Speaking of... Read more →

I haven't been doing my Smart Woman Online interviews for some time, much to many people's disappointment. I will try to revive them and to start with - this interview with the inspiring Nancy Mills will get us back on track. This is the first in a two-part series... As... Read more →

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer Winter is finally here! For many this is very unfortunate, but with the cold weather and snow comes winter fashion, which adds some excitement to this freezing season. Many of you may be thinking, "What? Winter clothes, exciting? No way." But there are many adorable... Read more →