BP Gas Stations Become More Green Thanks to Ann

Last week the Promotional Marketing Association (PMA) held its annual Integrated Marketing Conference in Chicago at the Downtown Marriott. My background is in promotional marketing so I’ve been a member of PMA for quite some time and was invited back this year to write about it. We were treated to... Read more →

Gals Go Green

Green, green, my world is green...now that spring is here. I think. Weatherman says snow flurries...this weekend? Well, flurries are no big deal. Thought I'd do some "green" reporting today (until Mary tunes in with her post, today). Sustainable Life Media sends me a weekly newsletter...that I like a lot.... Read more →

Daily Green

Looks like we're ending the year right. I'm discovering more and more websites and blogs about "going green." There is even "green" buzz everywhere I go. It's encouraging, don't you think? Here are the newest places (and one sustainable one) I've found that are tracking, talking, or totally committed to... Read more →