Have you worn everything you bought on your last big shopping trip? Recently one of my clients told me how she was so excited that she had actually worn everything she bought on our first clothes shopping trip together. What really struck me, was that I never thought that it... Read more →

By Laura Smith, Chief Groovy Chick, The Breakup Lounge Let's face it. Sometimes, when dealing with a breakup, you just have one of those days. Nothing seems to be going right. Everywhere you look, there are reminders of him or something else that makes you feel bad (like empty Haagen... Read more →

Does your professional wardrobe help or hurt your career?

Does your professional wardrobe reflect your business, image and personality in a positive manner? When you meet a prospective client, employer, conduct a seminar, lead a meeting or give a presentation, are you confident about your professional wardrobe’s appearance? Feeling good about what you are wearing, and not self-conscious? I... Read more →

By Laura Smith, Chief Groovy Chick, The Breakup Lounge Ahhh, yes, the good ol' weekend is upon us. Do you remember the days when you couldn't WAIT for Friday afternoon? The rush of the anticipated weekend plans kept you going all week? Then...you find yourself un-coupled and sometimes, when you're... Read more →