The non-profit organization Art as Action means a LOT to me. I've been on the board for 2 years and counting. While I don't perform, my daughter and granddaughter do. They embody the concept of Artivism, which is to perform in support of community, to share something bigger than the... Read more →

From the Editor's Desk Free Art Classes, Storytelling, Literature and Puppetry for Children Undergoing Medical Treatment Drawing on its 30-year legacy of leadership in community outreach, ArtCenter/South Florida announces Creative Care, its newest program to help children and families (in partnership with The Center for Literature and Theater at Miami... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita Yes, you can stand out in a crowd - in a creative and fun way... by artifying your event! I talk art a good bit on this blog. I'm an artivist, as evidenced over at Art as Action where I do what I can to help support... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita Who isn't waiting for America's Got Talent to return? I know I am. I'm not thrilled that Howard Stern in replacing Piers as a judge, but I'll reserve my comments on that for after I see a few shows. In meantime, there was one talented group of... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita Seriously. Recycling is very 'in' right now so why not recycle 2011? What can you take from this year and reformat it into success for 2012? I got this idea from watching this video (below) on the BoM site. This kid (who turned down a cool million... Read more →

Tom and I are looking forward to the New Year. Can you say the same? What do you have planned for your business, come 2010? This is actually late in the game to be planning for "tomorrow" or next year. We should have started this process several months ago. But,... Read more →