by Yvonne DiVita Perhaps it's time to look carefully at all things entrepreneurial and... redefine some of what we believe. Fast Company recently published an article titled "Obama, Romney, And The Forgotten Entrepreneurial Class" by Robert Safian. Safian asks, "Are the presidential candidates living in the same America that I... Read more →

The business world is full of the concept of "innovation" today. It's "innovate this" and "innovate that" in articles, reports, and studies on what innovation is, as well as how to implement it in your organization. Here's the truth of the matter about innovation -it exists in another dimension. It... Read more →

Short, simple and to the point: 1. Start a blog. Write in the blog. Write compelling copy. Share with friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook. 2. Offer your expertise in a PDF that can be shared with your network. Tell your network you've created this white paper or E-book... Read more →

New...Innovative...Original...Unique. Those are watchwords of the 21st century. If you can't get creative in your approach to business today, you're not likely to be a runaway success. Of course, being a runaway success isn't everyone's desire, so maybe this post isn't for you. For those readers who dream of runaway... Read more →

Social Media Connections Run Amuck

She's Connected is in beta right now. She's Connected is a great idea, IMHO...but I'm not sure I'm happy with the execution. Let's look at this new site and I'll tell you what I like about it and then where I think it misses the mark. The Good Stuff First:... Read more →

Marketing to Women Online: What Happened to Innovation?

This is a double post, sort of. It's a few tidbits on marketing to women online, and it's a question about innovation - since this is Wednesday and I have been trying to write about innovation on Wednesdays. First, the marketing to women online news. Eileen over at Simply Juicy... Read more →