Halloween is quickly approaching which happens to fall on a Saturday this year, so there definitely will be an increase in trick-or-treaters and in parties. So if you haven't gotten your costume, or your kid's costume yet, there's still time. According to shopping search engine, SortPrice.com, here are the most... Read more →

This Monday and Tuesday I was in NYC at the OMMA Global conference. My good friend Kevin Burke recommended me to a Mommy blogger panel (it was a discussion on the topic; being a mommy blogger wasn't critical to the discussion - knowing about them, was) My fellow panelists were... Read more →

Happy birthday, Millie! However many years young, you are an inspiration. Love the pics on your blog today. Love your blog in general. The Thoroughly Modern Millie title reaches out across age groups and embraces us all. And what a looker you were, back in the day! Do you miss... Read more →

What ever happened to the 1960s? I’m nostalgic. I can’t help it. Shades of 1963 – those good old days of Bye Bye Birdie and Ann Margret singing her heart out for Bobbie Rydel. Yep, those were the good old days. No worries about employment; no one complaining about taxes.... Read more →

Catharine P. Taylor wrote a good article at Social Media Insider, on Wednesday of this week, discussing the power of the Mommy bloggers. Specifically, she was referring to the gathering of Blogher women in Chicago. Quoting from "packaged-goods reporter, Jack Neff" of Advertising Age, Taylor shared this, "Blogher helps solve... Read more →

Social this, social that - social commerce, social media, social capital; social everything. That's what life is all about. I'm not the only one talking social for the sake of social - in other words, putting people first. I've been saying it's about the people, not the technology, for over... Read more →

We hear a lot of talk about marketing to Moms, and I am a big proponent of that activity, being a Mom, myself. But, recent discussions with good friends have convinced me that those who focus on Moms, as if all women were or are Moms, are missing the proverbial... Read more →

The Health and Welfare of a Country (our country)
is at Stake

You didn't hear it here first - or maybe you did because I talked about it in my book, before a whole lot of other people even wanted to admit that women shoppers were powerhouses - but, women are all about health and welfare. Of course, family comes first, but... Read more →

Confessions of a Back-To-School Marketing Mom

Well I now have survived my first full week without our oldest daughter, Kelsey, at home and she survived her first full week as a freshman at NYU learning how to get around the campus as well as Manhattan. We dropped her off last Sunday along with many other parents... Read more →