By Amanda J. Ponzar I thought I'd have to write something profound about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) "2010 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference: Frontier Markets. Global Partnerships. Local Solutions." (And yes, that's a 19-word title) Sept. 27-29, but BCLC's bloggers beat me to it. So,... Read more →

Lady Gaga's 10 Worst Outfits

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer We all know Lady Gaga, and we all know her outrageous fashion sense. Some of her outfits are really creative, some are just plain weird, and some are downright horrible. Maybe she does it for the publicity, (maybe being most definitely), but some of the... Read more →

What does your brand say about you? The Lip-sticking brand is important to me and that's why I spent a lot of time and consideration before launching The Lip-sticking Society. It would seem that I was/am on the right track by growing my current brand into something stronger and more... Read more →

The story of the passengers stuck on the plane in Rochester, Minn is a revolving door in the news. It just gets played over and over and over. I am totally sympathetic to the passengers - and hold the airline (Continental Express) at fault. But, I'm hearing a lot of... Read more →