Just read this post at BNET (CBS's Interactive Business Network) and I'm wondering how other women might feel about it, so I thought I'd share. I've started three businesses in the past 10 years. The first one, Windsor Media Enterprises, Inc. received an SBA loan - one that turned out... Read more →

Pretty Smart, Pretty Fantastic, Pretty...pretty?
Just say No!

"Will I be pretty, Mom?" Has your daughter ever asked you that? Or, do you see the question in her eyes - and know that she will not ask it, for fear of the answer? What, really, is pretty? By whose standards? And, why do we continue to placate ourselves... Read more →

Today I received an email from the M2W (marketing 2 women) conference suggesting I might want to use a "Girlfriend discount" to register - before the end of this month. I like the idea of a girlfriend discount but the way this offer was packaged has me seeing red. First... Read more →

Freelancing in the New Age of Digital - Story is due now, please

Can't help sharing this video which I discovered via Edie Jarolim, via Facebook. Edie is a fantastic writer and someone I admire a lot. Met her at BlogPaws cause she's a pet lover, too. And, her book, Am I Boring My Dog? is worth reading, whether you're a pet person... Read more →

No, women don't have start-up envy. Or any other kind of envy, when it comes to being start-up, movers and shakers. We may lack a certain body part - which may or may not count when we go to the bank for a loan (I think it does much of... Read more →

I'm watching Rachel Ray right now. She has her fashion expert on. This woman is...giving tons of bad fashion advice, IMHO. Seriously, she says to throw out your scrunchies. Hello? Why? They're accessories, they work, and they look nice. So, apparently, the fashion police want us to start buying new... Read more →

Please stop referring to me as Mr. DiVita. Obviously, you know nothing of me or my blog, which makes me wonder why you're pitching me. (Mr. DiVita is my ex-husband and he doesn't blog.) Please stop sending me off-topic pitches. I don't know what list I'm on but it's dead... Read more →

Ok, so how many of the Super Bowl's $3mill per 30 second ads actually appealed to women, you might ask. I wondered, even though I didn't ask. After all, who would I ask? Other women, presumably, but that's a limited group (if I'm asking during the Super Bowl). Interestingly enough,... Read more →

We discuss women's issues here, in addition to social media advice, and marketing to women online. The issues I tackle are ones I consider too important to ignore, and this is one. I hope all of my readers are acutely aware of the gang rape incident which happened to Jamie... Read more →

Two weeks ago I started writing about how this blog and WME, my publishing company, came into being. I promised Part II last week and...as with many good intentions, the week got away from me. So, here is Part II - with some insight into the pitfalls of being an... Read more →