By Amanda Ponzar @LivingUnited (Check out the end of this post for FREE Microsoft tools.) Let’s be clear, I’m a BIG fan of Microsoft. Why? Their corporate citizenship team (whom I’ve worked with for five years) is great. These talented tech experts are committed to changing the world by leveraging... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar (@LivingUnited) Motivation is everything. It's what drives athletes to train, compete & win; it's what keeps our brain churning in the middle of the night with flashes of brilliant insight when we're excited about a new project; it's what causes us to sacrifice time, money and more... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar @LivingUnited If you think all Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Riley Cooper (#14) does is catch footballs, then you missed him in action on Capitol Hill this week. Riley volunteered with United Way in the sweltering, oppressive 100-degree heat and humidity –- during his “off season” vacation –-... Read more →