by guest blogger, AmyK Hutchens We all know how much drama plays out in our TV shows – simply watch one daytime “story” or primetime “reality” show and you can get caught up in it. That may make for great (or at least popular) TV, but behind the camera…not so... Read more →

by guest blogger, AmyK Hutchens Ah's that time of year again. You know, the time of year when gym memberships are up, calories are down, the year in review has been replaced with excitement for the year ahead, and calendars actually look organized...well, sort-of. It's also that time of... Read more →

We're welcoming another talented woman writer to the Lip-sticking family. Watch for great insight and advice from AmyK Hutchens every month. Don't forget to leave AmyK a comment, if you resonate with her post! By AmyK Hutchens For every six minutes you experience a high state of negative stress it... Read more →