Now you're probably wondering, in regard to the title, "Tampons keep girls healthy? What? "How so?" Well, Playtex Sport (a well known brand of tampons designed specifically for physically active girls) has just come out with a new Facebook application called Unstoppable Moves. With this application, girls from all over... Read more →

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer Winter is finally here! For many this is very unfortunate, but with the cold weather and snow comes winter fashion, which adds some excitement to this freezing season. Many of you may be thinking, "What? Winter clothes, exciting? No way." But there are many adorable... Read more →

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer An addiction to shopping. Sounds ridiculous to most men, but for many of us women, it is very common. It's hard to detect, and also hard to admit and accept about yourself. And it doesn't have to be extreme to be a problem. I, myself,... Read more →

6 Funniest News Reporter Bloopers

News reporters are almost always perfect with their pace, wording and pronunciation. But, they do occasionally slip up. And sometimes when they do, they mess up bad (see second video below). While it's bad news for them, it's good news for us, because it's hilarious! There are many funny news... Read more →

Lady Gaga's 10 Worst Outfits

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer We all know Lady Gaga, and we all know her outrageous fashion sense. Some of her outfits are really creative, some are just plain weird, and some are downright horrible. Maybe she does it for the publicity, (maybe being most definitely), but some of the... Read more →

Being a young, female entrepreneur, and speaking at conferences, usually as the only woman on the panel, has been challenging. A lot of times, the men are loud speakers, they interrupt, and they jump into answering questions before you can even open your mouth. Coming to the panel as a... Read more →

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer Before we get into Chloe's post, I'd like to introduce her. Chloe Spencer is 19 years old and has been on the net for five or six years. Her blog at NeoPets Fanatic has been providing Chloe with spending money for quite awhile. I hope... Read more →