The other day I was stunned as I watched multiple news reports on people assaulting each other over the latest electronic gadget during a Black Friday- rage blackout sale. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain too but to hit someone over an iPhone is going over the... Read more →

My was heart racing as if I were out for a vigorous jog, as I sat at my computer trying to make sense of the very technical email that came across the screen. It was a Friday and the technical person who was bringing a project to fruition was about... Read more →

To Whom it May Concern: Lately, we have been noticing that life in our world and neighborhood has become very tough. More humans are sad and worried. We have been working overtime providing cuddles. Even when we sit in front of the big bright thing in the living room we... Read more →

Last week, I was forced to reflect deeply on my family dynamics. I leapt with both feet into an unknown space where events from the past and present would tap dance around my mind. It’s Complicated I credit my mom and dad with investing great effort into being the best... Read more →

Howl, My daddy always says that I should work now and play later. I think half of him is right (I am not sure if it is his top half or bottom half). While nothing feels better than finishing a long yard patrol session, I am not a yard patrolling... Read more →

My dog Bella knows how to listen to her body. Something I have yet to master. It’s 1AM on a Saturday morning and it starts. My body’s fight for care faces off against my mind’s determination to be as close to perfect as possible. Mind Hinders Body This battle was... Read more →

I used to have a life plan. It consisted of making a certain amount of money by the time I turned 30 years old, getting married a couple of years later and having two kids while remaining a career woman. My plan didn't come together and I'm glad it didn't.... Read more →

I get off the elevator and reach for the hand-sanitizing dispenser. I can’t get enough of that white foamy, germ killing stuff. My hand keeps hitting the dispensing button almost like a nervous twitch. To say I am uncomfortable would be an understatement. I Don’t Want to Be Here I... Read more →

We all remember that day. The one where steel tumbled from the sky, lives were changed forever and uncertainty took over the world. 9/11/2001 I can still smell the crisp morning air from that day as I started my sophomore year at Syracuse University. I was lucky because at the... Read more →

I admit it. I have prematurely anticipated the payoff for my hard work in business, relationships and life in general. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be recognized for their effort, talent and patience? However, I have noticed that victory marches are scheduled for days when you least expect... Read more →