Have you ever been in a situation where you kept your opinions or thoughts to yourself instead of expressing them to those around you? What stopped you from sharing your view in the office, with family and friends or even with a significant other? Communicate Like a Dog When it... Read more →

Have you ever had one of those moments? A moment where you know something is absent in your life. Even if you are in a happy place, it seems to be human nature for our minds to churn up thoughts about goals or accomplishments one is still yearning for. A... Read more →

At 3:12 PM on a smothering July day, there I stood looking at the Mt. Everest of sand and gravel wishing with every bone in my body the clock read 4PM. For the next 48 minutes, my fellow teammates and I would be asked to do the impossible. I was... Read more →

Bella (L) and DiDi (R) After deciding that my one-way relationship with camera gear and motel carts had to go, I was faced with an even bigger challenge. What To Do? What was I going to do for a living once I made the official leap out of TV Production?... Read more →

Emails flooding your inbox, phone buzzing with unanswered voicemails and nothing to wear because everything is at the dry cleaners. Does this sound remotely familiar? No matter what your circumstances in life there are bound to be countless distractions that tug you away from the day’s agenda. If you want... Read more →