Frugga Smart Savings by Yvonne DiVita I am being compensated for this post, but I eagerly accepted the assignment because ... hey, it's shopping online! You KNOW the comments and opinions are my own. I only share with I believe, folks. So, who shops online? All ya'all do. Don't fool... Read more →

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk I hope you had a good Christmas Day. It's hard to believe its come and gone and all the presents have been unwrapped. We still have most of them sitting all over the living room floor with gift bags and bows scattered... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita I'm big on interactive toys. Always have been. To that end, I loved watching my kids play with blocks and Legos and Tinkertoys. This, according to what I've observed, stimulates their creativity. Books are another 'toy' that gets kids thinking out of...the TV box. I loved reading... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer First off, let me explain what Ugg Boots are to those who may not know. Ugg Boots are suede boots with a rubber sole, shearling lining and sometimes a shearling cuff. They are pretty much as un-shapely as possible for a boot, and the average length... Read more →

By Guest Blogger Robbi Hess In the face of full disclosure, let me start this post by saying I am addicted and more than a little bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to using lip balm. My lip balm of choice for several years had been Chapstick's Botanical Berry Shimmer,... Read more →

I had to turn down the invitation to write a book review, recently. The book, a business book, was okay - but that was the problem. It was just "okay". There was no originality in it. The author, to her credit, had written the book as a result of many... Read more →

It's time to chime in on the Tiger Mom discussion. I ignored it for quite awhile because, honestly, I didn't want to give it any further attention. The woman is ... insane, IMBO. Seriously - insane in the kind of way you consider people who do crazy things that are... Read more →

If you have kids, know kids, live in a community with kids, don't like kids, or are even remotely interested in America’s future workforce and global competitiveness (see why you should care about education reform), check out this film. It's heart-warming plus chock-full of interesting facts. I watched with my mouth hanging open, scribbling statistics in the dark on a pad of paper I discovered in my purse while rifling for tissues. Here are those unedited scribbles: Read more →

6 Funniest News Reporter Bloopers

News reporters are almost always perfect with their pace, wording and pronunciation. But, they do occasionally slip up. And sometimes when they do, they mess up bad (see second video below). While it's bad news for them, it's good news for us, because it's hilarious! There are many funny news... Read more →