6 Funniest News Reporter Bloopers

News reporters are almost always perfect with their pace, wording and pronunciation. But, they do occasionally slip up. And sometimes when they do, they mess up bad (see second video below). While it's bad news for them, it's good news for us, because it's hilarious! There are many funny news... Read more →

professional blogging as a blogger with "an interest in a subject..." to the point that the professional blogger, "has an interest, a professional objective, and a plan to achieve it." We've discussed the idea of planning more than once, on this blog. I recommend a plan - not always a... Read more →

While I was at Blogher last month (was it last month or earlier this month? I'm fast losing track of time! How about you? Is summer really almost over?), I had the delightful opportunity to connect with my BFF Susan Getgood. Susan is one of the first woman bloggers I... Read more →

We've all been listening to the experts caution brands today that they are not in charge - their customers/clients are in charge. Well, now it's official. Charlene Li, author of Groundswell, one of the best books on social media today, will be releasing her new book Open Leadership: How Social... Read more →

Ok, so how many of the Super Bowl's $3mill per 30 second ads actually appealed to women, you might ask. I wondered, even though I didn't ask. After all, who would I ask? Other women, presumably, but that's a limited group (if I'm asking during the Super Bowl). Interestingly enough,... Read more →

Social Media Connections Run Amuck

She's Connected is in beta right now. She's Connected is a great idea, IMHO...but I'm not sure I'm happy with the execution. Let's look at this new site and I'll tell you what I like about it and then where I think it misses the mark. The Good Stuff First:... Read more →

Staying Healthy Through Thick and Thin
A No-Nonsense Approach

I am currently reading a number of books - do you do that, too? Read several books all at once? I crawl into bed at night, usually exhausted from a day spent on the phone, or blogging and Twittering, or -- horror of horrors! -- attending meetings, and I struggle... Read more →