professional blogging as a blogger with "an interest in a subject..." to the point that the professional blogger, "has an interest, a professional objective, and a plan to achieve it." We've discussed the idea of planning more than once, on this blog. I recommend a plan - not always a... Read more →

While I was at Blogher last month (was it last month or earlier this month? I'm fast losing track of time! How about you? Is summer really almost over?), I had the delightful opportunity to connect with my BFF Susan Getgood. Susan is one of the first woman bloggers I... Read more →

We've all been listening to the experts caution brands today that they are not in charge - their customers/clients are in charge. Well, now it's official. Charlene Li, author of Groundswell, one of the best books on social media today, will be releasing her new book Open Leadership: How Social... Read more →

Ok, so how many of the Super Bowl's $3mill per 30 second ads actually appealed to women, you might ask. I wondered, even though I didn't ask. After all, who would I ask? Other women, presumably, but that's a limited group (if I'm asking during the Super Bowl). Interestingly enough,... Read more →

Social Media Connections Run Amuck

She's Connected is in beta right now. She's Connected is a great idea, IMHO...but I'm not sure I'm happy with the execution. Let's look at this new site and I'll tell you what I like about it and then where I think it misses the mark. The Good Stuff First:... Read more →

Staying Healthy Through Thick and Thin
A No-Nonsense Approach

I am currently reading a number of books - do you do that, too? Read several books all at once? I crawl into bed at night, usually exhausted from a day spent on the phone, or blogging and Twittering, or -- horror of horrors! -- attending meetings, and I struggle... Read more →