Not really. It's true. Our bodies are made up of so many different kinds of cells, the idea that they speak to each other may seem to come from some 1950's science fiction novel, but it doesn't. It's true. Our cells do communicate with each other. They must! How else would the human body operate effectively? If you stop to consider the reality of your body and all of its many varying kinds of cells, it's not hard to understand that if we but listen to our body as it talks to us, we would be healthier human beings. Read more →

Hands fascinate me. I can remember TV commercials when I was 40 talking about hands. About dish washing soap that kept your hands looking young, even if you were 35 or older. The concept of 35 being old astonished me. But, we're a youth society, aren't we? And, as we... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer Most of us would agree that love is the primary purpose of every human being on this Earth. Love is universal. But is love expressed the same by everybody? Love is actually spoken in different languages. Dr. Gary Chapman, author of "The Five Love Languages", has... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar @LivingUnited (Check out the end of this post for FREE Microsoft tools.) Let’s be clear, I’m a BIG fan of Microsoft. Why? Their corporate citizenship team (whom I’ve worked with for five years) is great. These talented tech experts are committed to changing the world by leveraging... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar Picking just one topic today was tough as there’s so much going on in the world (like always). Here are a few recent reads that really got me jazzed: Interesting Health & Science article “Women’s Work. How biological factors impact job performance” (Time magazine, July 25 issue)... Read more →

by guest blogger, Dr. Stephanie Siegrist , author of Know Your Bones [Know Your Bones is a WME publication; Dr. Seigrist was asked to contribute to this blog to add her professional voice in the world of healthcare, something many of us neglect; plus she took care of me when... Read more →

No, women don't have start-up envy. Or any other kind of envy, when it comes to being start-up, movers and shakers. We may lack a certain body part - which may or may not count when we go to the bank for a loan (I think it does much of... Read more →

By Amanda J. Ponzar I thought I'd have to write something profound about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC) "2010 Global Corporate Citizenship Conference: Frontier Markets. Global Partnerships. Local Solutions." (And yes, that's a 19-word title) Sept. 27-29, but BCLC's bloggers beat me to it. So,... Read more →