by Yvonne DiVita I seem to have misplaced Friday. Did you see it lying around your desk, anywhere? It came and went on my end, before I even knew it. Saturday followed. Hence, I am doing Friday Musings ... on a Sunday. Truth is, the day doesn't matter. Musings being... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer A woman's purse is her most treasured belonging, she never goes anywhere without it, and to lose it basically means losing her life. Right ladies?! Everything is in your purse! Your wallet, credit card, driver's license, keys, cellphone, makeup, to-do lists, perfume, the list goes on.... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer While I was doing research for my Huffington Post article I was writing on the fur industry and why you should buy faux fur, I came across a site called Fabulous-Furs. But the furs on this site were faux, and looked just as real as their... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer First off, let me explain what Ugg Boots are to those who may not know. Ugg Boots are suede boots with a rubber sole, shearling lining and sometimes a shearling cuff. They are pretty much as un-shapely as possible for a boot, and the average length... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita @lipsticking & #smallbiz I'm not a disaster recovery expert, by any means. But, I know about disasters. Little ones, anyway. I lived through the ice storm of 1991 in Rochester, NY - two weeks without heat or lights, and no school. I didn't have a business, so... Read more →

Article by Chloe Spencer Undies, underwear, underpants, panties, knickers, briefs: whatever you call 'em, we know we're all talking about same thing. Have you ever thought about who the heck even came up with the idea for undies? Where they originated from, and why? Well, it's exactly a normal thought.... Read more →

Just Me and Just You: A post that was written almost three years ago and still holds power today. A good writer and editor (Robbi Hess, who manages this blog) said recently that repurposing 'old' blog posts was a good idea. When I happened on this post, while looking for... Read more →

by Yvonne DiVita I'm feeling reflective these days. Reflecting on how the web has brought us together in some really fantastic ways, and how it's caused some really serious issues, too. Sometimes, people you think are your friends, turn out not to be your friends. I'm talking about people... Read more →

Guest post by Chloe Spencer Many young girls, teenagers and young women suffer from eating disorders. The most common are Anorexia and Bulimia--which have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness (American Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 152). And over 24 million people are suffering from an eating disorder in... Read more →

Women Standing Up For A Cause

by Yvonne DiVita I share this video not just because it represents a cause I am passionate about (protecting our animal friends - especially those in shelters where they are supposed to be 'safe') but because it shows that WOMEN are the ones who make things happen. My only problem... Read more →