Last week we re-ignited our Smart Woman Online interviews by connecting with Nancy Mills who founded The Spirited Woman. Click the link above to check that out. (pic is Nancy in a beautiful Spirited Woman Prayer Scarf...being Nancy, playful, fun and ... spirited! Have you purchased your Spirited Woman Prayer... Read more →

Passing up good for great is a concept that was first introduced to me by Cheryl Richardson in her book, Stand Up for Your Life. If you haven't read this book, take some time to read it. This book was what helped me create boundaries around my life - especially who has access to me and when...but that's another post, for another time (I ALWAYS say that, right?!) Anywhoooom, I was the afternoon keynote at the MACs Women's Summit on March 26th (if you didn't attend, it was spectacular BTW, and I FINALLY got to meet Shawna Marie - she has such GREAT, CLEAN energy). While I was on stage, someone asked a really good question that I wanted to share with all of you. Read more →

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I like to share. I like to support. I like to give my girlfriends a boost, whenever I can. Well, my BFF Toby Bloomberg has taken things a step farther - she's genius! Here's a guest post about the power... Read more →

While I wait for Tom to finish the blog project he's working on, so we can go shopping, I thought I'd share this story from MediaPost... "Women have different expectations using retail social media." First of all, don't you love that title? As if women wouldn't have difference expectations. Wait...different... Read more →

This blog is about sticking your message. It was started a long time ago (seems like eons but I think it's only been 7 years) to share insight into how women shop online. I'm happy to say it's evolved into a blog that discusses marketing, women's issues, current events, fashion,... Read more →

While I was at Blogher last month (was it last month or earlier this month? I'm fast losing track of time! How about you? Is summer really almost over?), I had the delightful opportunity to connect with my BFF Susan Getgood. Susan is one of the first woman bloggers I... Read more →

Interesting article on women and starting a home business over at YouTube Marketing Coaching. To sum up, "The number one reason that women seek out home business opportunities is because they are looking for flexibility." I like the blog. It shares good tips on how to successfully run a home-based... Read more →