For many women, the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise is a prime reason they build a blog, write a book, attend a networking event. While all of that also works to help them market their skills and products, the underlying sense of accomplishment at having been an influence... Read more →

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess By now, you've probably heard about Google+, right? The "Facebook Killer" is one of the many things it's been called. Gaining an invite into the beta Google+ was something I was looking forward to simply because I love to be part of whatever... Read more →

By Blog Manager Robbi Hess Of course you don't need social media. I mean as long as you're happy toiling away in obscurity while your colleagues -- whether you're a writer, an entrepreneur or a builder of widgets -- are becoming known and talking about what they do. Regardless of... Read more →

Interesting article on women and starting a home business over at YouTube Marketing Coaching. To sum up, "The number one reason that women seek out home business opportunities is because they are looking for flexibility." I like the blog. It shares good tips on how to successfully run a home-based... Read more →

I'd like to say Moms and Dads are in charge, but studies prove otherwise. While we're not all giving in to our teens and tweens demands for cell phone, faster Internet connections, and the latest Miley Cyrus DVD, we are paying attention - and oftentimes leaning their way. According to... Read more →

I can't help but be frustrated by the old advice today's marketing firms are passing off as "new" advice. It's not that the advice isn't useful or necessary, it's's been said - and it's directed at companies that should know better. IMHO Case in point: MediaPost blogs is a... Read more →

I missed it. Did you miss it? Over 500 fantastic women were at the Blissdom Conference last week, in Nashville where they networked, laughed, learned, and did what women do: became sisters of the heart. I did win a $100 gift certificate to Dress Barn, the better to be gorgeous... Read more →